The Song of Creation; An unsearchable heart loves us unsearchably.

Isaiah 49:13
“Sing, heaven! Rejoice, earth! Break out in song, you mountains! For ADONAI is comforting his people, having mercy on his own who have suffered.”

Ephesians 2:4
“But God is so rich in mercy and loves us with such intense love.”

1 John 4:8
“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

Many ask “What is the central theme of Christianity?” Which can be rephrased “Who is Jesus Christ?” above all things Jesus is Love for God is Love.

God is Love; we can only Love when He loves through us.
The central theme of Christianity is Love, any other pillars or supporting doctrines cannot be compared to or contradict Love. Love is the standard by which all things in the Church or Christian life are to be judged; each doubt or misunderstanding must be held up to the mirror of Love if we are truly to Praise God. Notwithstanding, it is impossible to contemplate or exude Love without the Holy Spirit; no matter how believable a man might be it is impossible to love without the gift of the Holy Spirit. So Christianity without Holy Spirit is a false, for Christianity is Love; God is Love without God there can be no Love.

The Spirit World Exposed; The True Reality often neglected.
Our Lord Jesus while on earth healed the sick, cast out demons, restored the lost and stolen, teaching us of the spiritual world of Satan and how that world is responsible for the ills of the earth and mankind. This is our true reality, the battle between the truth and falsehood, between light and darkness, between Man and the enemies of our God. We suffer and we cry, we wonder why the earth is so wicked; we fight each other forgetting that our true enemies who orchestrate evil reside in the spiritual realm and that we must take the battle to the spiritual realm through prayer and standing in the humble Authority given to us by Jesus Christ. This is the meaning of “serving God in Spirit and in Truth”, for the Spirit realm is the true reality; the natural realm is like a Hologram of the Spirit realm. All mandates and Authority on earth come from the Spirit realm. The natural is like a movie (a replay) acted out in the reality (Spirit Realm); the movie is only set of images that portray a prior reality. There is always a delay between the movie production and when it hits the theatres; so are things of the Spirit. Today make the Spirit in Jesus your reality; anyone who seeks to conquer in the natural will always be too late.

Israel is the Root, Christ the Vine, Christians the Branches .
Isaiah prophesied that a branch would come out of the root of David (Israel) and he would rule all nations like his Father David when referring to Jesus Christ. In the Book of Revelation Jesus said He had the Key of David, to open and to shut spiritual doors. Jesus was called the son of David. The root of mankind’s salvation after the Fall of Adam and Eve is the nation Israel. There can be no people without a continuing nation; this is an ancient law of the universe. There can be no vine or branch without the roots. Christianity has prospered more when Israel has stood as a Nation through course of History, even though when its people were dispersed it still stood as a nation in the Spirit. When we understand this precept we better understand why Satan has through the course of History tried to destroy the tribes of Israel; Satan knows the lost tribes of Israel and the remote parts of the earth he has chased them to reside. Satan strives to destroy the root of our Salvation, forgetting that the root is encrusted in the Rock of all Ages (The Rock of Eternity).

The Song of Creation.
It is written in the Book Of Genesis that God spoke all things into existence, I will suffice to say He sang the world into existence, and His song of Love is still being sang and will be sang as long as earth exists. Can you imagine that it is a song of Love by which we exist? I have never heard the full Songs, I bet Enoch might have heard them and we shall hear them at the rapture. I have prayed to hear it while yet in the flesh, for it must be a most beautiful song. Often when we lose all worry and care, seeking only the Father in Heaven, He begins to give you nuggets of this beautiful existence. It is pitiful and unfortunate that reality of our existence is clouded by Darkness, but for only a short time before the heavens shall be shaken away. God is Love, creation is Love, Created by Love for Love.

Jesus Christ came to give us a glimpse of the greatest Love of all; seek it and you will never regret it, court it with all your heart. Love without all the heart is no Love. Can you imagine that God loves you His whole Heart, yet His heart is unsearchable? An unsearchable heart loves us unsearchably.

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