The Shepherd Sheep

O’ ye Sons of men rejoice,
Rejoice and be merry for Love is born on the stalks of a manger,
Our souls are redeemed; Our shepherd lamb is born,
Let our souls delight in Him; Lord and Creator of all,
What greater humility is there; Divine and True,
The prophets are dead and speak no more,
Rejoice, He our Lord and Shepherd lives forever.

How should we Love thee O’ Jesus; Son of God, Lord of all?
Our divine Shepherd warrior with Love and a Word delivered us from the jaws of death.
How shall we begin to count our blessings?
How divine is thy aroma, sweet spices with pure frankincense; Pure and Holy.
How art the beauty of thy Hosts?
Whiter than snow that no eye can behold, no heart conceive.

Lord Jesus cleanse us in Thy Heavenly waters and great seas,
Purge us of all iniquity and fashion us unto your Will.
Lord you are our reality; the things of this world we take by faith.
In you Lord the indiscernible is true and effervescent,
The Lord softens our eyes and hearts unto heavenly things.

How we long for your Breathe, Holy one.
We are naught without thee O’ Lord,
For in your Breathe we are made perfect.
Breathe upon us that we may live anew.

Father, Holy one of Israel,
You trade our rags for the raiment of Righteousness and Light,
O’ God we glory in your mercies, grace and peace,
We accept your summons to a celestial life with You in Christ,
Our life on earth is only but a nibble,
“Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.”
“Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God”
Creation has only begun.

“Love conquers all.”

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