Sixth Seal, Sixth Trumpet and the Rapture (Seventh and last Trumpet)

Note of Encouragement

John 16:11
“About judgment, in that the ruler of this world has been judged”

Life battles and storms are only a test of Faith alone, since our enemy has been judged and stripped of all legal rights; therefore faith is all we need to claim the judgement passed long ago in a completely finished work of Jesus Christ. This knowledge is extremely important, for when the case is closed and the court proceedings completed, there is no need to reopen the finalized case, we only need to claim and enforce the judgement; by our faith the Holy Spirit enforces the judgement.

I would like to share some visions and events that require some attention; I hope they help ubicate us in the revelation of Christ for these last days.

Night Vision 1: Saturn Crashes to the Earth raising much dust.

• In a night vision sometime in March 2015, I saw Saturn fall from its orbit to the Earth raising so much dirt. The message was that Satan had been thrown to the earth as the Lord Jesus and his Angels were cleaning the Heavens and the Air (the second and first firmament and the Earth’s atmosphere). The cleaning of the lower Heavens and the atmosphere is the main cause (dislodging effect) of climate change and the current weather related disasters; the cleaning and shaking away is severe. Due to the cleaning, Satan can no longer dwell or control the lower Heavens; this comes in stages. Consequently, the Lord Jesus is having His saints and Angels begin the cleaning of the Earth, dislodging powers and principalities which started with the Arab spring and will go on till the return of Christ. Everything in creation is being cleansed as all things come under the Kingdom of God; in the natural it may seem like the purposes of Satan, but in the Spirit it is joyous cleansing to Holiness.
The Sixth Seal has been broken and the Sixth Trumpet has been sounded as Saturn falls to the Earth.
• The Lord asked that we should Love and be patient with the lost who will come into the faith later, and not judge them even when unbearable.
• The Lord said “Take care of what I have committed to you”, meaning His bride as He was coming soon. As in the preparation of the Last Supper, we are to prepare for the New Wine of the Kingdom Of God (the Heavenly preparation is complete, earthly preparation is on the way to completion).

Night Vision 2: The Rapture (Last Trumpet).

The Lord Jesus showed me the rapture; it was a very serene event in the Heavens. Those who were raptured had no doubt of their relationship with Christ; they went with ease and much joy. Those who were left behind were convinced of the nature of those raptured, and knew their judgment was just; there was no confusion on either side. The heavens, Upper and Lower were completely cleansed with the blood of Jesus and those raptured had no contentions in the atmosphere or in the Heavens.
The Seventh or the Last Trumpet coincides with the Rapture as explained in 1 Corinthians 15:52.
Jesus said we should desist from eating foods that contain no salvation; these are programs, Entertainment, Music, and Television, lifestyles, books and others.
Jesus asked us to wear our shoes of the Gospel and be ready to preach the Good News.

On a recent note, Christ reminded me that my duty as parent was to “teach the Children how to love, that this was the expectation of the Heavenly Father”.

I wish I could share more details, the preparation of the earth for His return are in its final stage, about the only thing left is His return. I hope this message sends the urgency required for us to rededicate our lives and hearts to Jesus Christ. The things of the heart takes time, your calculation of the time needed may not be enough. In the parable of the ten (10) Virgins, Five (5) thought they had enough time to buy oil. It is safer to have the oil enough and overflowing at all times, so that you will always be ready.


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