Heaven Awaits the Bride (The Heavens Opened and The Priestly Bride) By Anna Rountree

Website: https://annarountree.com/

Youtube Video of The Heavens Opened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNNG98W4U6o

Excerpt from Anna Rountree’s Website:

“This is a life changing book about the Kingdom of God and the Spiritual World; Many have attested about the truth in this book through common experiences”

While staying at a cabin in the mountains, Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of heaven. While there, she was met and taught by the angels around her and Jesus himself. In this book, Rountree provides readers with a stunning vision of what heaven is like and discusses the correlation between events today and what she saw in the spirit realm.

Heaven Awaits the Bride is a combination of two previously released books, The Heavens Opened and The Priestly Bride, which together contain the account of Rountree’s visions of heaven. Positioned to make the most of the extreme interest in heaven in the market place, this new book presents the information in an integrative study format, interspersing valuable notes within the pages.

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