Other-My Father Is On Deck

In the days of the sailing vessels, a captain from Liverpool commanded a ship sailing to New York. On one voyage, his family went with him. During the night, when everyone was asleep, a storm arose and struck the vessel, throwing her over on her side. Everything inside the ship tumbled and crashed. The passengers awoke in great fear and in imminent peril. Everyone on board was alarmed. Many of the passengers sprang from their berths and began to dress so that they might be ready for the worst.

The captain’s eight-year-old daughter was on board, and awoke with the other passengers. “What is the matter?” the frightened child pleaded.

They told her that a storm had struck the ship.

“Is my father on deck?” she asked.

“Yes, your father is on deck.”

The little girl dropped back on her pillow and, without a fear in the world, in just a few moments was again sleeping soundly in spite of the wind and the waves – because her father was on deck.

Never forget that our Father is on deck. Whatever the storm of life or the storms of this world may bring, God is in charge. Our Father is on deck

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