O’ Jerusalem The Power Of Empires, O’ City Of God; Scepter of Nations

O’ Jerusalem, O’ Jerusalem
O’ city of God
O’ Jerusalem awake from thy slumber

Awake O’ Jerusalem the inheritance of Israel,
Hath thy lover rejected thee?
Only for season, O’ beautiful one
Thou are like an Olive tree
Thy bosoms are everlasting, O Holy city

O’ Jerusalem, the Power of Empires
In season shall thy flowers thrive,
Thy petals are soaked in the blood of saints
O’ abode of the saints
Tarry no more for thy Lover comest to thee
Moab shall not take thee, Forbid
The Lord of Hosts shall avenge thee

O’ Zion the mount of the Lord
Babylon had no power over thee
Thou was a curse unto Rome
The sword would not prosper in thee
Thou rejected the vain and vile
How thou have waited for thy Lover
O’ Jerusalem, true and faithful one

Arise and flee from her vile ones,
In thee shall be the destruction of the vile
O’ land that bears the name of God
In thee shall be the Light of Truth
In thy beauty shall all men marvel
In thee are found dreams and visions
How we love thee O’ mother of all cities
In thee shall we dwell, O’ temple of God

O’ Virgin, thy nectar none taketh by violence
Has any been found worthy of thee?
Worthy is The Lamb, for His blood shall cleanse thee
Worthy is the Lamb, Hosanna in the Highest.

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